Celestial Star was formed as a chapter under dispensation in September, 1977. It was the newest chapter in both the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. In November, with the assistance of our brother lodge Sumner A. Furniss #61, Brothers Calvin Scott and Aprentis Burrus served as our Worthy Patron and Associate Patron. Sister Mary Carter and Sister Valerie Billups assisted us as Worthy Matron and Associate Matron. Our Conductress and Associate Conductress were Sister Sadie Flowers and Sister Joyce Jackson.

Under the watchful eyes of the Grand Worthy Patron John Scott and Grand Worthy Matron Inez Ingram, our first members were initiated on November 9, 1977. Under the instruction of the District Deputy Grand Matron Rosa Tootle, the chapter thrived. Sister Tootle was a wonderful and patient instructor. We began to learn and understand what it meant to be a true Eastern Star. We learned the lessons of loving, caring, and living out obligations of a true Star. We learned how to correct our mistakes as we continued to strive on.

In June, 1978 during Grand Chapter in Merrillville, Indiana, Celestial Star was granted our Charter by the Grand Worthy Patron John Scott, and given thanks and congratulations by the Grand Worthy Matron Inez Ingram. Past Grand Worthy Matron Ingram is our honorary member. She is loved by our chapter and highly respected by all.

As a growing chapter we have had our trials and tribulations and have been strong enough to bear them. We have learned that nothing runs smooth all the time. Even a peaceful brook in the woods will have troubled waters at times. Our sisterly and brotherly love for each other helps us to weather any storm, and make our day look sunny. We have been blessed with love and understanding as we “walk in the light.”

We are blessed to have one of our Chater Members, Past Matron Sister Mildred Germany, active in our Chapter.

We have two honorary members, Past Grand Worthy Matron Inez Ingram-Stone and Honorary Past Grand Matron Myrtis Ross.

YearsWorthy MatronWorthy Patron
1977Mary CarterCalvin Scott
1978Mary CarterCalvin Scott
1979Carolyn ScottApprentis Burrus
1980Carolyn ScottApprentis Burrus
1981 Valerie BillupsDouglas Parker
1982Joyce JacksonFred Neeley
1983Maggie BrentsFred Neeley
1984Carolyn QuallJerome Jackson
1985Mildred GermanyJerome Jackson
1986Mildred GermanyDouglas Parker
1987Mauriceline JonesApprentis Burrus
1988Brenda J. BerryApprentis Burrus
1989Brenda J. BerryApprentis Burrus
1990Addie ClarkHerman Jiles
1991Addie ClarkHerman Jiles
1992Carolyn TravisLucion O’Banion
1993Carolyn TravisHerman Jiles
1994Maggie BrentsHerman Jiles
1995Juanita TalleyJames Woodard
1996Juanita TalleyJames Woodard
1997Jean VaughnLucius Oliver
1998Elaine Jewell-JamesSaul O. James
1999Elaine Jewell-JamesSaul O. James
2000Ucealia GrayOdell Gray
2001Ucealia GrayOdell Gray
2002Faye TaylorRobert Taylor
2003Mary SalterWillie Salter
2004Mary SalterWillie Salter
2005Deloris SturdivantWilliam Worley
2006Deloris SturdivantWilliam Worley
2007Flora A. LewisAllen Jenkins
2008Flora A. LewisAllen Jenkins
2009Dana BassRussell Rodgers
2010Dana BassLucius Oliver
2011Elsie SiddleTed Siddle
2012Trisha McBrideBradley Owens
2013Trisha McBrideLucius Oliver
2014Kesha GermanyLucius Oliver
2015Kesha GermanyLinell Giles
2016Cheryl Talley-BlackLinell Giles
2017Cheryl Talley-BlackLinell Giles
2018Flora A. LewisLinell Giles
2019Ruth Snow-Howard, H.P.G.M.Dr. Preston Adams
2020Cheryl Talley-BlackHerman Jiles
HonoraryDiane Thompson, P.G.W.M.
HonoraryMyrtis Ross, H.P.G.M.
HonoraryDiane Wiley
HonoraryCharles Albert, P.G.W.P.
HonoraryClyde Bailey, P.G.M.